Hayley Comerford

Positions:     WA/C/WD
Date of Birth:
Joined metro: 2013
Player Sponsor: Yellow Brick Road

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metro 1
Premier League Open
Division One
Kathryn Hard

Positions:     GS/GA
Date of Birth: 16 June 1986
Joined metro: 2012
Occupation: Account Manager at Adidas
Player Sponsor: MokaPot Cafe
Lucy Batina

Positions:     GS/GA
Date of Birth: 7 February 1995
Joined metro: 2011
Occupation: University Student studying Bachelor of Health Sciences
Player Sponsor:
Gemma Barry

Positions:     GD/GK
Date of Birth: 15 February 1987
Joined metro: 2014
Occupation: Teacher
Player Sponsor: Physicsservello (www.physicsservello.com.au)
Phebe Bicknell (Capt)

Positions:     WD/GD/GK
Date of Birth: 30 October 1985
Joined metro: 2004
Occupation: Engineer at Cardno
Player Sponsor: Ella Bache Nunawading
Emma Sundberg

Positions:     C/WD
Date of Birth: 14 November 1997
Joined metro: 2013
Occupation: Year 11 at Carey Grammar
Player Sponsor: Source Central Partners
Ebony Lyons

Positions:     WA/C/WD
Date of Birth: 7 September 1995
Joined metro: 2010
Occupation: University Student
Player Sponsor: Jeanieboy
Tegan Gent

Positions:     WA/C
Date of Birth: 9 November 1985
Joined metro: 2014
Occupation: Childcare
Player Sponsor:
Emma Farrant

Positions:     GD/GK
Date of Birth: 14 May 1991
Joined metro: 2011
Player Sponsor: Brundel Consulting Engineers

Coach: Ferruccio Servello