The Metro Revellers Netball Club was established in 1994 when seven students from St. Aloysius Girls College in North Melbourne formed a team to compete in the Thursday Night B grade competition at the State Netball Centre. The team was coached by Ferruccio Servello, who is still the head coach at the club today.

The team was originally set up because some of the players could not afford the large fees that were being sought by other clubs. A fee structure was set up that would see the coach working voluntarily and the players obtaining their own sponsorship. At this stage, the only name the team really had was Revellers.

The players were able to secure a small sponsorship deal with Waverley Private Hospital and it was agreed that the team would be known as the Waverley Revellers. The team continued to use this named until 2000 when the club decided to use a name that typified the locality of the club base, and as all training and games were played at the State Netball Centre, it was agreed that Metro Revellers was an appropriate fit.

Today Metro Revellers Netball Club comprises of twenty six teams. There are five teams in Premier League Open, two teams in A-Grade, three teams in B-Grade, three teams in 17 & Under, three teams in 15 & Under,  four teams in 13 & Under, four teams in 11 & Under and two Net Set Go teams . All matches are played at the State Netball and Hockey Centre.
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Spring 1996 -   B3
Autumn 1998 - A4
Spring 2003 -   B5
Autumn 2004 -B5
Spring 2006 -   A4
Autumn 2006 - Div 1
Autumn 2007 - Div 1
Autumn 2007 - A4
Spring 2009 -   B4
Autumn 2010 - A4
Autumn 2011 - A1
Autumn 2011 - Div 6


Autumn 1997 -  B1
Spring 1999 -   A1
Spring 2001 -   Div 5
Autumn 2002 - Div 4
Autumn 2003 -  A4
Autumn 2004 - A6
Spring 2005 -   Div 5
Autumn 2006 - Div 5
Spring 2010 -
17 & Under Div 4
Spring 2011 - B2
Autumn 2012 - B2
Autumn 2012 -17 & Under: Div 4
Autumn 2012 - A1
Spring 2013 - Div 5
Autumn 2014 - A1
Autumn 2015 -
13 & Under C Reserve
Autumn 2015 - 13 A
Autumn 2016 - 17 & Under Div 4

Current Details

All matches are played at the State Netball Centre, Brens Dr, Parkville

All training session are at the State Netball Centre, Brens Dr, Parkville.
Open and 13 & Under: 6pm - 7.30pm
17 & Under, 15 & Under: 7.30pm - 9pm
Net Set Go & 11 & Under: 5pm - 6pm

Players in Premier League Open must purchase an A-Line Dress for $55. This dress is semi-sponsored.
A sponsored singlet is given to all players for training.  In the event that a player leaves either mid season or mid year the entire uniform kit comprising of A-Line dress and singlet must be returned to the club to be granted a clearance from our club, with no refund. Players can sell their uniform back to the club if they leave at the end of the year.

Current teams are as follows:

Open (Tuesdays): Division 2, 4, 5 and 6

Open (Thursdays): A-1

Open (Thursdays): B-1

17 & Under Premier League (Tuesdays): Divisions 3 & 4

15 & Under Premier League (Thursdays): Division 2, 4, 5 & 6

15 & Under  (Saturdays): Division D

13 & Under: (Saturdays): A, B, C and D Grades

11 & Under: (Saturdays): Red, Yellow & White

Net Set Go: (Saturdays): First and Second Year